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Access BDD Home Lifts

Accessibility should be considered in everyone’s building requirements. These vertical platform lifts are engineered and designed to be installed in both public buildings and homes, in new buildings or in the renovation of older buildings.

The Gulliver has its own metal shaft. The shaft, panels and doors can be designed to match your surroundings. It can be installed inside or on the outside of a building.

The Orion is built within a masonry shaft and its visible panels and doors can be designed to match your surroundings.

Gulliver and Orion are available in a range of cabin sizes and entrance configurations, making them an ideal solution for a home or building where space is at a premium. A selection of design options include a choice of RAL colours, wall and floor finishes and ceiling designs ensuring a perfect fit with the surrounding architecture.

Depending on your needs and specifications, the Gulliver and Orion platform lifts can usually be installed within a few days. The modular design means they can be installed in almost any building, either indoors or outdoors with minimal construction work.

Our customers’ safety is of paramount importance to
us. Gulliver and Orion comply with European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. They are certified to CE and TÜV. The larger platform sizes conform to EN81-41.

They are operated by hold-to-run commands giving the
user total control whilst travelling between floors. If a fully enclosed cabin is selected then operation by a single push button is possible. Emergency lighting and an onboard telephone device are standard features.

With its smooth ride and choice of elegant styling options, the Altura range of home lift brings luxury living to any building.

Premium features come as standard across the Altura range, leaving you free to select the type and size of lift that gives the best solution for your needs. Altura Gold is an open-sided platform enclosed within a metallic shaft, which can be installed in small spaces without compromising on comfort and ease of access.

The Altura has a clean and simple design, highlighted with elegant details, making it an attractive addition to any home. You can choose from a selection of customisable options to coordinate the lift with your interior.

Altura Gold is fitted with a soft start and stop device, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride every time you use your lift. Simply press and hold the destination button on the control panel, and let the lift carry you gently up and down through your home.

With an array of options on offer, the Altura Gold lift can truly become part of your home. Choose from a range of sizes, colours and details for the shaft, walls, floor and doors to create a lift that meets your needs and matches your surroundings.

Altura Gold is designed to fit into small spaces with minimal construction work. The lift is supplied with its own metallic shaft, the lift mechanism fully contained within the shaft. It runs on standard mains electricity and can normally be installed in just a few days.

Available in three variants, Gold, Diamond and Platinum please explore our links to the brochures.

Altura is fully compliant with all relevant and up to date European safety standards.

Altura Home Lift wide angle
Altura Home Lift with staircase
Altura home lift close up

Gulliver PRONTO vertical platform lift is the result of years of technical research and development with special attention paid to customer needs for safety and comfort.

Gulliver PRONTO is perfectly suited to a wide variety of public and residential buildings.

Gulliver PRONTO consists of a shaft constructed of a powder-coated galvanised steel structure with either transparent glass or solid white panels, enabling installation without the need of a masonry shaft.

The high quality of the materials used and the attention to detail mean that the Gulliver PRONTO blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Gulliver PRONTO has been designed to take up minimum space and avoid major building alterations.

Gulliver PRONTO is delivered with “push and run” buttons on landings and “hold to run” buttons in the car. The Gulliver PRONTO complies with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and is certified to CE and TÜV.