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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

What advantages does Vacuum Lift technology offer?

  • Its innovative design optimizes the use of your space, maximizing the cabin’s useful interior and doing away with the need for a bulky machine room.
  • Installation is possible without any need for a pit or building works. It’s the only lift that’s installed directly onto your home’s existing floor.
  • Installed in as little as two to three days, it’s the quickest installation on the market for this type of lift.
  • Light and with no limitations, it’s possible for it to be installed on upper floors and for it to reach anything up to five stops or 15 metres in distance.
  • It’s available in three different sizes with a passenger, capacity of one, two and three, respectively
  • The pneumatic lift is a self-supporting circular structure that is installed directly onto the floor of the home.
  • Unlike traditional lifts, the pneumatic lift is self-supporting and self contained, consisting of three main sections: Fully panoramic exterior cylinder, a car that travels on the inside and transports passengers, A vacuum system that contains the motor and is available in two different configurations.
PVE vacuum lift within a spiral staircase
PVE Lift fitted to the inside of a spiral staircase
Vacuum lift from above

Pneumatic (Air powered) lifts offer an alternative to the traditional hydraulic lift systems. They offer space saving functionality coupled with a modern look that make them a popular choice in today’s market. The futuristic design makes pneumatic home lifts ideal for staircases and as a statement piece in the hallway of your home. 

The cylindrical design of the lift saves space compared with a traditional square/rectangular lift. This means it can fit in gaps where a traditional lift simply can’t. Properties that didn’t have the space to previously have a lift can now have one. When space is at a premium, pneumatic home lifts can provide the necessary access to all floors of a home and fit within an architect’s layout. More homeowners are building another level onto their homes or excavating their basement into useable space. A home lift can make it easy to access this added level or can even be used to transport goods throughout the house.

The PVE lifts come in their own self-supporting structure which means they do not need a supporting wall like traditional drive systems. The modular design of the lift minimises builder’s work and means installation can be completed in as little as 1-2 days. With its space-saving design, the PVE lift is perfect for houses spread over several floors but with limited space on each floor and can fit nearly anywhere in the home.

Fabricated PVE lift within design of the home
Vacuum lift black
Vacuum lift to an upper balcony

At PVE, they view the manufacture of lifts as an art form. They have created models in which design and technology go together to make the perfect combination, which is reflected in each and every one of their products. Every detail of the PVE lifts have been designed with the aim and focus of offering a solution to the habitability and installation problems that are encountered in single-family homes and duplex apartments.

A versatile solution that fits into even the tightest of spaces, installing it requires no complicated construction works. A revolutionary all-in-one design, it comprises a self-supporting structure with the motor built in and a completely transparent 360° panoramic car.

PVE ceiling mirror in the cabin
Ceiling mirrors
PVE ceiling options
Ceiling options
Vacuum lift seat
Seating available
PVE vacuum domestic lift lighting
Bespoke lighting
PVE Vacuum home lift structure, cabin floor and ceiling colour options

We know that each home is unique and we understand that you choose every detail so that your PVE pneumatic elevator adapts and integrates with the decoration of your home.

The customization range of pneumatic vacuum elevators allows you to choose from a variety of colours and options.