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Pollock Through-Floor and Home Lifts

Pollock Lifts have been manufacturing residential elevators, through floor lifts, platform lifts and home lifts in the UK for 35 years

Mobility access requires many important considerations. Anglian Lifts’ highly trained lift engineers are here to respond to discuss your needs. Pollock Lifts‘ versatile range of lifts are elegantly designed and fit easily into your home environment. They free up space and ensure the ultimate in comfort and safety for users.

Pollock Lifts 20 Series
Pollock Lifts 20 Series

It’s able to transport wheelchairs between floors within a domestic setting smoothly and quietly.

The elegant design fits unobtrusively into the home with the lift being ‘called’ only when required, leaving the room with full floor access.

The electric drive Eco Through Floor Lift has significant benefits compared to a typical hydraulic drive system. Hydraulics require a pump and ram to move the lift whereas an electric lift simply uses an electric motor and gearbox.

With many great features as standard, the Pollock Lifts 20 Series Eco Through Floor Lift also boasts exceptional safety standards, exceeding requirements in many areas, and is fully compliant with BS5900 2012.

Pollock Lifts 25 Series
Pollock Lifts 25 Series

The larger 25 series features large vision panels in a clean frame with custom LED ceiling lights, optional colour choice, and one touch internal controls. This Residential Elevator is an impressive addition to any home.

It provides smooth and quiet through-floor travel. The elevator includes external controls on both floors, and is equipped with Pollock Lift’s new Intelligent Logic Diagnostic Display offering a wealth of information to the user and service engineer.

This digital control panel displays lift functions during travel as well as simplified fault codes. It allows for most operational issues to be easily resolved automatically or over the phone with Anglian Lift’s support team.

Pollock Lift’s 25 Series is designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes. The Residential Elevator is available in a range of sizes and with a travel distance of up to 4.2 metres – one of the longest offered on the market!

Pollock Lifts 40 Series fpr wheelchairs
Pollock Lifts 40 Series Step Lift for Wheelchairs

Pollock Home Lifts 40 Series Classic 1m Steplift has a small footprint along with a high load capacity – now capable of lifting 280kg to a maximum of 1m between two floors.

The hydraulically driven, scissor based platform is suitable for both internal and external environments. Functional yet stylish, the Classic 1m Open Platform Step-lift moves quietly between levels to provide safe and reliable access in public buildings and for the home. Further key features include an on-board drive and mechanical on-board ramp.

Pollock Lifts 60 Series
Pollock Lifts 60 Series

The stylish Independence Step-lift, with its lightweight aluminium and stainless steel construction, provides both strength and modern aesthetics.

This lift is capable of lifting 500kg and is available in two models depending on your travel height requirement – 2 metre or 3 metre travel.

There is a range of platform sizes and configurations. You can choose the system that best suits your needs and available space.

The quiet battery operation provides smooth transit and is suitable for both internal and external locations either at home or in public spaces.

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