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Stiltz Home Lifts

Stiltz domestic home lifts brochure cover

Anglian Lifts Ltd is a fully affiliated and trained premier partner of Stiltz Lifts, this means that we control the whole process, from the initial advice visit, the sales process, to installation and all the aftercare and servicing.

The Stiltz home lift is already popular with many thousands of satisfied customers around the world, the Stiltz Homelift was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Anglian Lifts are proud to be the approved installer and the premier partner for Stiltz Lifts in East Anglia. These domestic home lifts can fit easily into almost any UK dwelling. They are an affordable alternative to a stairlift so that you can stay in the home you love when the stairs become too much every day. Stiltz domestic lifts provide a comfortable and safe ride in style. The home lift can carry up to three people and a wheelchair if required. You can even fit the family pet in too!

So if you’re looking for an innovative, attractive and useful long-term accessible living solution, the answer has to be a Stiltz Homelift.

Stiltz Premier Partner
Lady operating her Stiltz lift using a remote control

The Duo+ Home Lift is can accommodate 2 people with comfort and ease and it only takes half a minute to travel between floors. It is the perfect alternative to a stairlift or the more conventional hydraulic lift systems on the market.

Stiltz Trio Home Lift promotional picture of a couple

Designed to accept up to 3 passengers, the Trio+ Home Lift is built with wheelchair users in mind. It is larger than the Duo+ Home Lift but a standard-sized wheelchair can comfortably fit. It is also the best option for users with walking frames.

Anglian Lifts Stiltz Installation example image
A Recent Installation by Anglian Lifts Engineers
Standard through floor lift installation


This is the most popular configuration, the homelift will travel between a downstairs room such as a living rom and arrive upstairs, typically, in a bedroom.

Lift installation in a stair void

Stairwell void/landing

Where there is enough room in the turn of a staircase, this positioning option makes use of the dead space in the void making the homelift even more unobtrusive

Hidden home elevator in a cupboard


Thanks to the compact nature of the Stiltz Home Lift, you can choose to have your domestic lift completely hidden by installing it inside an airing cupboard or wardrobe.

Image showing a lift installation in a house with a vaulted ceiling

Sloping/vaulted ceilings

Our vertical rails need to fix to a horizontal surface. But do not worry if you have a vaulted ceiling. Stiltz building teams can provide subtle solutions to overcoming pitched roof installations.

Garage access elevator


If you are looking to get from your garage safely into your home we can build a simple shaft around your Stiltz Home Lift to take into account health and safety considerations.

Domestic lift allow entry and exit on separate sides


Unique to Stiltz domestic lifts is the ThruCar concept. Enter and exit through opposite sides of the lift car – ideal for wheelchair users or for home lifts built into a stairwell void.

Split view of a home showing a Stiltz through floor lift
Get from downstairs to upstairs with ease
Man holding stylish Stiltz remote control
The stylish Stiltz remote control

Stiltz small footprint symbol

Small Footprint

The Duo+ footprint is only 0.55 square meters. Still surprisingly compact, the Trio+ has a slightly larger footprint of 1.25 square meters and is designed to accomodate a full sized wheelchair. Please discuss current or future wheelchair dimensions with our advisors.

Quite symbol - Stiltz homes lifts produce very low noise

Quiet Travel

Powered by a self-contained, electric drive motor that is completely hidden away in the car roof space. There are no noisy hydraulics with a Stiltz Homelift.

Quick installation of Stiltz Home Lifts Symbol

Fast Installation

Modular design means lift can fit under most doorways and ceilings and be pieced together fast with a typical install taking one day.

Home lifts run on normal 13 amp plug symbol

Economical to Use

All lifts are plug straight into a normal 13amp power socket making them very green and economical. When running, it uses no more power than if you were to switch on your kettle.

symbol for unique duel rail system from Stiltz

Unique Dual Rail System

This is what makes a Stiltz Homelift so wonderfully versatile; the self supporting structure of two parallel, vertical rails bear the entire load of the lift. No additional burden is placed upon the structure of your home.

Stiltz compact drive system symbol

Compact Drive System

Domestic lift is powered by an electric motor which is neatly situated, hidden from view, at top of home lift. No need for additional bulky plant rooms or other machinery.

Stiltz Ltd was started in 2010 yet despite this they have grown rapidly to become a recognised global brand. They continued strong investment in innovation is demonstrated by the quality of their latest product line-up.

They are adding domestic and overseas distributors as demand for their products increases.

Customer focus is key for Stiltz domestic lifts. They understand the needs of homeowners who install their products and use them on a daily basis. The Stiltz team believe that their products make a difference to customers lives. Take a look at some of their customer stories.

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We are passionate about mobility and access so call us and discuss your needs. We are keen to discuss the benefits of Stiltz domestic lifts with you.