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How Can I Sell My Stairlift Business?

The access and mobility market has been through some tough times over the past few years. It’s fair to say that is has been more robust than many other industries. However, you may be thinking that now could be the right time to step back and take some chips off the table. Either by selling completely or by becoming less involved whilst maintaining some ownership.

Reasons To Sell

Other owners we are speaking to are selling for a variety of reasons:

  • Retirement – the owner of one company started the business 30 years ago. Their children do not want to take on the business. However, the owner would like to see their hard work and brand continue on.
  • Relief from ownership – Another owner wants to remain with their business but doesn’t want the hassle and stress associated with ownership. We are planning to take on the business and employ them.
  • Moving out of the sector – It has been a tough few years. Perhaps you have other interests or businesses you want to explore? Selling can give you that freedom. As above, we would also be open to you working for us full-time or part-time work if you desired.
  • Don’t want to sell to a large corporate – We are 2 founders with a passion for the access and mobility market. We want each business to live on and retain its management team and staff.

Our Purchase Criteria

  1. Sector: We are looking for Lift installation and services companies that would ideally be able to operate if you – the owner – has moved on. This may involve promoting someone within your team to manager if you currently perform this function. We would prefer to promote from the existing team but it may require hiring someone to do this role.
  2. Replacement Costs: If an external hire is needed to manage the business then the profitability must be sufficient to cover the salary of an experienced manager, £40,000 salary plus NI and pension. So remove your costs (salary, car, dividend, pension) to see if there’s enough profit to cover it.
  3. An Excellent Team: We wouldn’t have reached out to you otherwise. We want to maintain the name and reputation you have built up. In order to do this we would want to keep as much of the team as possible. Sometimes that’s not possible. Especially if family members provide some key functions such as finance or customer services. In any case, we would work with you to keep as much of the team together as possible.
  4. Confidential: We promise to keep our conversations confidential. If required, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Visits to your site can be done later in the process and only when it would cause the least amount of disturbance.
  5. Profitable: We are not too concerned about the level of profitability or if it has changed significantly over the last few years. The only criteria on profit is that there is some profit after the director’s costs (replacement costs) have been added back. Also consider if the business could support you if you were to switch to a salary. See point 2 above.
  6. Property: If you own the property the business currently operates out of then we can either buy it from you or rent it from you to provide you another retirement revenue stream.

Advantages To Joining Our Group

When a company joins the group they will instantly get access to an array of key business functions that we have developed and tailored to the Stairlift and Elevator market. So if you decide to stay with us, you can be freed up to focus on the part of your business that you love. If however, you fully exit and handover to us then you can rest assured our sales, marketing and operations teams will allow your legacy to live on. We always look to retain the existing management teams to ensure a seamless transition process and protect jobs. Our philosophy is promote from within, so we’re always on the lookout for the next general manager or function leader.

  • Branding, Marketing & PR Traditional and digital marketing capabilities focused on attracting new stairlift and lift customers. Website development, Google Ads, content creation, brand strategy and PR is all done in-house.
  • Sales We have dedicated business development managers seeking out opportunities with private individuals, councils, and businesses across the country.
  • HR Access to our HR support function.
  • Finance & Bookkeeping We bring your accounts over to our system and manage all bookkeeping and HMRC reporting. All you have to do is submit expenses via your phone.
  • Operations Our office staff are experts at scheduling visits, dispatching engineers and organising deliveries. They excellent at discussing options with customers, keep tabs engineers and managing the vans for a seamless service delivery.

Note, we can also provide the key business functions outlined above at any point in time ‘as-a-service’. It doesn’t necessarily need to be as part of an acquisition. We can work together to tailor them to your specific business’ needs.

About Us and Our Company Vision

Our mission is to serve customers in a dignified, high quality and fair way. We believe in doing things right and strive to find ways to give our customers a better standard of living. Phillip Rice’s attention to detail and motto of ‘doing it right’ is a key differentiator and it’s already paying dividends as evidenced by Anglian Lift’s growth and positive customer feedback.

Rosalie McMillan
Rosalie McMillan
1. June, 2022.
Wonderful service and peace of mind knowing that whatever goes wrong Anglian lifts will be there for you...we have had a couple of occasions where we needed help the first they had a engineer out to us first thing the next morning its a 6 hour round trip! Fixed the problem and the second they were able to diagnose the issue over the phone in 30 seconds! From installation to the after care they are a super company! And knowing that you can contact these guys and they will respond so quickly even time gives such confidence which is important when it's something you really need to use every day!
Sonia Conner
Sonia Conner
30. May, 2022.
This company is amazing called. I phoned in the morning 2 hours later received a text to say they were on their way. The engineer that came was very friendly and was able to sort the problem out straight away. Also double checked that the chairlift was safe. All in all a pleasure would highly recommend and would 100 percent use again.
Rowan Way
Rowan Way
26. May, 2022.
Yet again, I can say without doubt that Anglian Lifts Stairlifts have proved to be worth their weight in gold!!! If you need a quick, reliable and friendly company, then look no further! We have found them to be very trustworthy and they show that they have their customer’s best interests at heart. On this occasion, the young lady suggested that they may be able to sort the problem out over the phone. We where very surprised and hugely relieved, when she did just that, saving my mum the call out fee!!! You are a fabulous team, thank you again!!!
peggy Hounsham
peggy Hounsham
25. May, 2022.
I would like to thank Anglian lifts for the work they carried out on my stairlift and am very satisfied with everything they did . From my initial enquiry to fitting everyone was most helpful and kind and did a very good job. I would most definitely recommend them
N Routh
N Routh
18. May, 2022.
Anglian Lifts we’re incredibly helpful and quick to respond and cannot recommended them highly enough. Thank you!
Norman King
Norman King
18. May, 2022.
Good service and communication. Quick response and very efficient.
Tracy Carter
Tracy Carter
11. May, 2022.
Absolutely superb service. The kindness and understanding shown in a very stressful situation was first class. The incredibly quick response and calm, efficient service was excellent. I cannot rate them highly enough.
3. May, 2022.
Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly service, Thank you so much!
29. April, 2022.
Great service from my original enquiry phone call right through to installation. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff, would highly recommend
Matt Davidson
Matt Davidson
11. April, 2022.
I have to thank Phil at Anglican Lifts for going above and beyond for us. We had a second hand stiltz lift installed from Facebook and it just wouldn't work at all. I gave Phill a call and he didn't hesitate to get it all sorted for us. He managed to diagnose all the issues just over the phone, his level of expertise is second to none. This is now all up and running and that's all down to Phil. I can't be more grateful and I would strongly recommend this company to anyone. Thank you once again Anglican Lifts!

The stairlift and elevator industries have a diverse range of companies. Some provide excellent service and really look after their clients – as does yours. Our ambition is to grow a group that is successful by doing things right. And that to us means doing it right by our customers and our employees.

Oliver Mellor

Trained engineer; Marketing and strategy professional. Career in large corporates

I am a management consultant specialising in sales and marketing. What I bring is a high level view of the industry and the strategy to grow. I was introduced to the access and mobility industry by Phil Rice. What I’ve learned is that there is a huge potential to offer services at the right price and do it in a way that provides excellent customer service. As you know, the lifts we install usually have an incredibly moving story attached.

Phil Rice

MD of Anglian Lifts, Board member of the British Healthcare Trades Association

Worked in the mobility industry for the past 25 years, specialising in stairlifts, home lifts, hydraulic platform lifts, hoists and through floor lifts. He has in depth technical knowledge and experience in both the manufacturing and retail channels within the United Kingdom and the US. Phil worked his way up from engineer to managing director positions including MD at MediTek Stairlifts (based in County Durham) and the President of MediTek Inc. in Apex, North Carolina, USA. Phil is currently the Managing Director of Anglian Lifts Ltd in Peterborough.

Phil Rice Managing Director
Phil Rice – Managing Director
Oliver Mellor
Oliver Mellor – Director

Next steps

Talking to us is 100% confidential. We’re friendly and approachable. If you are not sure if you want to sell feel free to have a chat anyway. We’re in this for the long-term so it is always nice to make new connections. You never know how things will turn out.


If the timing isn’t right for an exit or partnership right now, that’s not a problem. It doesn’t hurt to have a discussion around the subject. We’re in this for the long-term. Don’t hesitate to call me directly on 0115 888 3551 or send me an email for a confidential discussion.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Oliver Mellor

Life long learner. Passionate about food, travel, design and finding brilliant businesses to invest in. I cannot be happier to be supporting the Anglian Lifts team. Their customer focus and dedication to doing it right convinced me to become a partner.