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Partner company Only Lifts sets up Ukraine support website

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

One of our partner companies Only Lifts, who have both direct family and friends in Ukraine, have set-up an appeal website

Moved by the crisis in Ukraine they are keen to assist in facilitating relief efforts for the people of Ukraine. Both of the directors of Only Lifts have friends and family in Ukraine. To that end, they have been fundraising and collecting urgently needed items and arranging for their rapid shipment to Ukraine.

Donations can be made here: JustGiving

They are focused on humanitarian and medical relief, please show your support by visiting their website.

A current list of urgently needed items can be found below:



Power Banks

Sleeping Bags

Flasks (for hot drinks)




Thermal Underwear

Adult diapers/pad M, L size

Kids diapers size 2.3.4

Disposable bed protector/pad

Paper towels

Liquid soap

Baby infant formula

Wet wipes

Adult and kids blankets,

Children’s jackets

Children’s skiing helmets

Babies feeding bottles 


100 pcs antihistamine

100 pcs diclofenac ointment

100 pcs ear drops

100 pcs iodine

100 pcs heart medicine

100 pcs chlorhexidine 

100 pcs diclofenac

100 pcs chloramphenicol,

100 pcs naclofen in injections

100 pcs drotaverine

100 pcs hydrogen peroxide

100 pcs Hemostatic plaits (hemostatic turnstiles) (if it possible more please)

50 pieces antiseptics

Nurofen 200 mg tablet also Nurofen syrup 

100 pcs adhesive plasters are wide

100 pcs Syringes

100 pcs Hemostatic plaits (hemostatic turnstiles) (if it possible more please)

50 pieces antiseptics 

Antiseptic for hand Povidone-iodine (betadine) 

Cosmopor patch

Metrogil 100ml solution (20 fl) – for an injured child  

Nestozhen, nutrilon,  70 pcs bacterial filters for mechanical ventilation 

50 pcs Patient monitors

Unitary enterprise 5 Foley catheters №14 and №16

Unitary enterprise 5 Intravenous catheters (green-100 and pink-100)

Plasters any 3 cm, 5 cm

200 Syringes 50 ml for infusions

Unitary enterprise 30 Blood transfusion systems

pcs 200 Glucose 40%

pcs 200 Plait turnstile,

Disposable absorbent buns large

100 pcs bandage

100 pcs cotton wool

100 pcs decane

100 pcs hydrogen peroxide



Gloves non-sterile M, L, S

Just giving page live feed.

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