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The Midlands & East Anglia’s premier stairlift and domestic lift equipment installer

Anglian Lifts are based in Peterborough and serve the Midlands and East Anglian region. We only work with the best suppliers of access and mobility equipment such as stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, step lifts and other mobility aids. So, whether you’re looking to improve your mobility at home or you’re a business seeking better access solutions, we have it covered. Our range of lifts varies from simple low cost stairlifts to specialised narrow, steep and heavy-duty options. For friendly advice and quotations call us free on 0808 196 9494

If you’d like to remain in the home you love, we can help you keep your independence by installing a stairlift or other product from Anglian Lifts. Almost every staircase can be equipped undergo a lift installation. We have a range of options available, including straight and curved lifts to suit all staircases.
Our team of professionals work only with the best brands available and with both new and reconditioned lifts available for purchase we have an option for every budget. Call us for a no-obligation costing today.

We provide:

Straight Stairlifts are perfect if your staircase is straight with no corners. These can be fitted in pairs for stairs with landings. Quick, easy and fuss free installation usually in under 90 minutes.

Take a look at the Brooks Stairlifts

Reconditioned Stairlifts These are a cost effective choice. These also come with our full warranty.

Curved Stairlifts Tailor made to your staircase- even spiral staircases are possible. 

We supply the Access BDD Flow X curved stairlift.

Take a look at the Flow X Stairlifts

Brooks Straight Stairlift a product from Anglian Lifts Ltd
Products from Anglian Lifts, Flow x Curved Stairlift

Our range of home lifts, through the floor lifts, hydraulic lifts and vacuum lifts will fit any budget and any application, please click the links below to explore some of the many options available from Anglian Lifts.

Stiltz Premier Partner
Anglian Lifts is a Stiltz Premier Partner Comapny
Anglian Lifts Stiltz Installation
Thyssen Krupp platform lift

We provide a variety of public access lift solutions in the form of both Vertical Platform Lifts and Incline Wheelchair Platforms. From simple solutions requiring no special building works, to larger more heavy duty lifts for unusual spaces or requiring architectural tailoring with shafts.
Vertical Platform lifts. We work with the Vector, the Mini Vector, The Gulliver, The Orion and the Lilliput have been selected for their ease of installation, aesthetic appeal and practicality of design.
Incline Wheelchair Platforms. These lifts work similarly to stairlifts, the exception being that you wheel onto a platform, close the gate and ascend or descend the steps. Thyssen Krupp are one of our key suppliers. Platforms lifts require more space but can be installed both inside and outside. They are perfect for outdoor steps leading to homes and other properties requiring better mobility access.
We work with the Access Supra Incline Platform Lift and the Access Supra Linea Incline Platform Lift. 

Are your front door steps no longer manageable? Are you unable to install a replacement ramp? A step-lift might just be the solution.

We work with two carefully chosen models from Terry Lifts. The TSL 500 and TSL 1000. Both are simple solutions so you can just step or wheel on, push a button to be elevated to your door height.  
Call us for details of whether this is the right product for you: 0808 196 9494

Terry Lifts step lift

Are you a patient looking for a solution to assist your carer at home? Are you a carer troubled with back problems or looking for some lifting equipment to make life easier? One of our hoists may be the perfect solution.  We have partnered with outstanding hoist manufacturers and have a comprehensive product range that includes both ceiling and freestanding hoists at a range of price points that means you can find the perfect hoist whatever your budget.

Hoist for transferring people
Wheel chair accessibility ramp, products from Anglian Lifts

Anglia Stairlifts have made it their concern to be up to date with all the latest developments in mobility and care equipment, both for access to and around your home or commercial property or business. 
We are always happy to hear from our customers if they have special requests- we may be able to source equipment especially for you. Just call one of our team using our free phone number 0808 196 9494