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Wheelchair Stair Climbers

A stair climber is a battery-powered, fully mobile piece of equipment that easily climbs up or down a staircase. It comes with a seat or as a wheelchair carrier. Using stair climbers for disabled and older people is a fairly common practice all over the modern world.

Anglian Lifts offer a great range of compact, easy-to-use, and battery-powered devices in association with the Stair Climbing Company. We can supply a stair climber for elderly use in the home, or provide disabled mobility assistance for commercial use (e.g. care homes or hotels).

Stair climbers are very portable, making them versatile and easy to use. They can be dismantled into two pieces, making your stair climber easier to carry with you wherever you go. You can also quickly charge the battery. Furthermore, you enjoy a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our products.

Stair climber for wheelchair in use
Stair climber in use with a wheelchair attached
Stair climber on a curved staircase
Most configurations of staircase will accommodate a stair climber

Stair Climbers can be used by children and adults

Powered Stair Climbers Are Designed for:

  • Senior citizens with limited mobility, who often find it challenging to use a flight of stairs in their home.
  • Anyone disabled, including children and adults born with limited mobility or those recovering from an injury or medical treatment.

Stair climbers are also designed to minimise transfer time and hassle for the user from their wheelchair.

We have paediatric devices that can help children as young as two years old, with a specialised seating system designed to support the mobility needs of a growing child.

Whether you want to use it at home or in public places like shopping centres and offices, stair climbers can help you or your loved ones access all types of stairs.

Stair climbers glide effortlessly up stairs

The Skyline range is probably the best choice if you are looking for stair climber hire. You can hire or purchase this stair climber for events, visits to public or heritage buildings, and to climb temporary structures like grandstands and podiums.

The special TM model, which is a specifically-designed stair climber for wheelchairs, can accommodate electric wheelchairs with a capacity of 150 kg. Check out our Services page for further information on hire and purchase options. You can also contact us to arrange a free visit.

Stair climbers can be used indoors or outdoors

There are many reasons why our customers choose to hire or purchase stair climbers for their home. Perhaps moving home isn’t an option, but you need to adapt the property to suit your changing needs.

Anglian Lifts can offer long term hires or the option to purchase a home stair climber for regular use. We will visit your home and work with family and carers to find the stair climber that’s best for you.

The stair climbers we provide can accommodate winding stairs, fanned stairs and compact landings, they can be easily stored in two separate parts, easily charged and transported to be used at any other locations.

Stair climber
Disabled wheelchair stair climber

Anglian Lifts work closely with the Stair Climbing Company who in turn work with occupational therapists to find mobility solutions for families in their own homes.

Working with both adults and children, they will conduct a visit jointly to provide a thorough assessment and recommend a stair climber that will dramatically improve the family’s standard of living.

To help promote the benefits of our stair climbers, the stair climbing company regularly deliver CPD sessions for free with lunch included at team meetings,, the reception during these sessions is always pleasant and engaging, and feedback tells us that health are professionals are fascinated by how much our products can help families.

The Stair Climbing Company will send every health care professionals a certificate that can then be stored within their CPD portfolio, Get in touch for a free client visit or to arrange a team CPD session today.

Healthcare professional Anglian Lifts
occupational therapist helping a patient

The Stair Climbing Company works with care groups and independent care homes to provide a solution for residents where access is required to rooms on higher levels and in older buildings with single lifts.

They provide a rapid response service to care providers who need immediate assistance. Care groups and lift contractors work with us to deliver an integrated service as a temporary solution, emergency service or alongside existing maintenance.

Anglian Lifts can arrange a site assessment, during which we will take measurements onsite and discuss the range of options available, this will be followed by a proposal of activity to complement existing plans, along with a thorough risk assessment. It’s important understand the importance of upholding a high level of care to residents and ensuring the safety of carers, so our job is to deliver a seamless service whilst minimising any impact on the daily running of the care home.

We have service plans to meet the needs of independent homes and care groups of all sizes and budgets. In conjunction with our own maintenance teams, estates teams, centre managers and carers to provide certificated train the trainer training on the safe operation of our stair climbers for the duration of the hire or on a purchase.

The Stair Climbing Company work with a number of facilities management companies and lift contractors to complement existing services. We also work closely with health and safety and compliance teams to deliver a solution to the end client.

We work with any housing associations and facility managers to provide solutions for access into a building and access to other levels including basements.

Site assessments are at no cost and quotes are available for hire or purchase. Often we are a solution to part of planned maintenance works and become an integral, seamless service for the success of a project.

Part of the provision of stair climbers often can be for evacuation purposes. The Stair Climbing Company work with a number of schools, colleges and universities to provide a safe evacuation solution in the event of an emergency and or as every day use.

The Stair Climbing Company has worked with many heritage sites and listed buildings — from museums to theatres, castles to boutique hotels this is to provide stair climbing solutions where no adaptations can be made to the building.

This has enabled visitors and guests to access stately rooms in historic buildings, and venture to functions in hotels that would otherwise have restricted disabled access.

The Stair Climbing Company is proud to have supported some incredible buildings such as town halls, parliament buildings and some of the grandest venues.

We pride ourselves on our reputation, which has provided us with opportunities to work with prestigious brands and recognised national historic buildings.

Stair climbers can be integrated seamlessly into the available space, not only are they functional, they offer sleek, discreet designs that are aesthetically pleasing even in the most grandiose environments.

Stair climbers can be used for temporary structures, such as tiered stands, and can be hired directly from us for this purpose. They’re also ideal for providing access to greater heights for disabled guests at world class sporting events.

Our clients’ interest extends from onshore hospitality to offshore cruise liner vessels. We have supplied stair climbers for gangway access on board all ten of the Carnival UK cruise liners.

Stair climbers can be used on almost all staircases