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Up Lift by Devi-Stairlifts

The UP Stairlift

Manufactured in the Netherlands by Devi-Stairlifts and now available from Anglian Lifts, covering the East Anglia & the Midlands regions of the United Kingdom, the UP stairlift is unique in many ways, from the fast lead-times for installation to the industry leading in-built technology the UP stairlift will without a doubt ‘change the way you UP’.


The first ideas for the UP stairlift started over 20 years ago. Over the years they have worked hard as a team to fully develop the UP stairlift towards the product it is today. Anglian Lifts is proud to be an authorised dealer for the UP stairlift and to be able to showcase the results of this hard work.


Using a unique interchangeable rail system and universal unhanded carriage, the UP stairlift can be tailor made to fit your individual staircase and requirements, usually from stock.

Up stairlift stairlift in use
Man on an UP stairlift
Couple using an UP stairlift
Lady using remote control for an up stairlift

UP Stairlift Standard Features


With the built-in intercom on the arm of the UP stairlift, it is possible to reach the service desk at any time of the day (*please see brochure)

Up stairlift intercom system
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The UP stairlift has the ability to use a special UP app on your smartphone or tablet, it is even possible from within the app to move the stairlift from downstairs to upstairs and vice-versa.

UP stairlift phone application
App available for the UP stairlift


The armrests on the UP stairlift are foldable; besides that being more comfortable for the user, this also makes it easier for the operator of the lift to access the lift. Foldable armrests also mean that the maximum space will still be available on the staircase when the UP stairlift is not in use, this means that the staircase can be used in the usual way by people that do not require to use it.

Foldable arms for the devi-lift
Foldable armrests as standard


A standard fit to the UP stairlift is a fully automatic powered footrest that is linked to the position of the stairlifts arm rests, when you wish to use the lift, the footrest will fold out automatically and the seat will swivel towards its starting position.

Fully automatic footrest UP standard specification
Fully Automatic Folding Footrest


The seat of the UP stairlift is equipped with a fully automatic swivel function as standard equipment. This makes it easy for the user to get on and off of the lift and there is no need for additional handles or manual swivelling of the seat.

Fully automatic swivel seat UP standard specification
Fully Automatic Swivel Seat as Standard equipment

Devi-Stairlifts Sustainability


For the manufactures of the UP stairlift sustainability is also a big target point, hence all of their stairlifts make use of an aluminium rail. Aluminium is durable, lightweight and a sustainable material. The characteristics of aluminium ensure that the rail system will last for generations.

UP sustainability logo

The aluminium used for the rails is produced in the most energy-efficient extruder in the world. The aluminium extruder is located in Norway and produces its products with a 70% hydro energy ratio.

Besides the above the manufacturer uses mainly completely recycled aluminium. The process of recycling aluminium uses only 5% of the energy that would be used to make new aluminium. In addition, the recycling of aluminium saves around 80 million tons of greenhouse gases. This corresponds to 15 million cars on the road. Also, because of efficient packaging techniques and transport these costs are also supressed.

Another environmental benefit of using aluminium is the fact that it does not corrode. Most rails require a powder coating to slow down the corroding process of the rail. As the UP rail uses aluminium, yet another harmful process for our ecosystem is also avoided.

Colour Selection

UP lift anthracite
UP lift cognac
UP lift sand
UP lift brown

Up Lift Specifications

Motor Output Speed0.5 meters per second
Method of DriveRack & pinion
Power Input24v DC (battery)
Max Weight Capacity125kg / 275lbs / 19.68 stone
RailModular rail, extruded aluminium, cast aluminium
Power Supply50-60Hz, 90-240V AC
European RegulationsEN 81-40:2008
Software & HardwareIEC – 61508-2 and IEC – 61508-3
EMC StandardEN6100-6-2
Fire ResistanceUL94
UP Stairlift Specifications
UP Lift declaration of conformity
UP lift Declaration of conformity
UP lift certificate of compliance
Up Lift Certificate of compliance

For more information about the UP stairlift from DeVi-Stairlifts please contact the team at Anglian Lifts via our contact us page or on 01733 971975