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Access ramps from Anglian, we don’t just do lifts!

Need an access ramp?

Anglian Lifts don’t just do domestic lifts, we also provide an end to end Access ramps installation service. We can survey, install and maintain home entrance ramps from our head office in Peterborough.

Specialist Disability Access Ramps

Anglian Lifts have added specialist disability access ramps from easiaccess in partnership with our friends at Obam Lifts. We do it all, from consultation, to design and fitting.

Here’s a recent customer access ramp for home

Disability access ramps
Access ramps provide easy egress and ingress
Wheelchair ramps
Access ramps can be installed in a few hours
Access ramps
Sections can be removable to aid access to drains for example

Demountable access ramps

Access ramps can be designed to be demountable and removed should the need arise. In the example above, the ramp goes over a man-hole cover. The final section can easily be removed with basic tools.

How do I enquire about an access ramp solution?

It’s a relatively simple process to have an mobility ramp fitted to your home. Just give us a call on 01733 971975 and we will arrange a site visit to discuss the requirements for your specific project. We will provide a no obligation quote. The Anglian Lifts team can provide everything from a simple access solutions to complex curves, steps and gates including the foundation works if necessary.

How long does it take to have an access ramp fitted?

It typically takes 4 to 6 weeks from survey to installation. Once we have discussed and designed your specific ramp during the consultation, our team takes a deposit and places an order with the manufacturer. Once we have a rough delivery window we’ll arrange an installation date.

How long does it take to install an access ramp?

Installation time varies depending on the complexity of the ramp being fitted. The ramp shown in this article was fitted within 2.5 hours.

Do ramps require any maintenance?

In short, no. The entire access ramp system is galvanised steel and the hand rails are anodised and then powder coated. It’s completely weather proof.

What colours do access ramps come in?

Green as standard but other colours can be optioned), simple wiping of the handrails and hosing of the ramp periodically is all the maintenance that is required.

How big are access ramps?

This is entirely dependant on the solution and required design. The ramp width can be either 900mm or 1000mm and the hand rails either 900mm or 1100mm high.

A full design drawing showing the required space and the shape of the ramp system will be provided after the consultation. The slope of the ramp can be tailored to individual’s needs.

Access ramp platform installation
First section being fitted
Access ramp hand rails being installed
Part of the ramp being installed
Levelling a wheelchair access ramp
Levelling the hand rails
Access Platform
Platform levelling
Hand rails
Fitting the end of the handrails
Access ramp Anglian Lifts
Adjusting the legs

This particular client was referred to us via Peterborough Safe Local Trades. They wanted to have their shiny new ramp fitted before Christmas. So the Anglian Lifts crew fitted the access ramp on the 23rd December. Job done and a happy customer!

Take a look at Anglian Lifts access ramp page for more information. If you have any specific questions then please contact us for advice.

The finished access ramp
The finished access ramp with the incline decided upon with the owner.
The finished access ramps for the home from the top
Access ramps for the home provide easy ingress and egress

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Access wheelchair ramp solution

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