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Terry Lifts domestic through floor lifts and step-lifts series

Live independently in the comfort of your home with the Harmony Unenclosed Wheelchair Through Floor Lift.

The lift will provide you with safe and easy access upstairs, meaning you can regain the whole living space without needing to move to a bungalow or ground floor flat. Use the lift seated in a wheelchair or on an optional fold-down seat. The Harmony Through Floor Lift features a market leading selection of car sizes, so you are sure to find a model that perfectly meets your needs.

Harmony FE
TSL 1000 (Step Lift)

Terry’s TSL 1000 Step Lift

The TSL 1000 is easy to use and offers wheelchair users the freedom to access their home and garden, independently.  While the step lift provides convenient wheelchair access, it also allows the rest of the family to continue using the same entrance.

TSL 1000 (Step Lift)

If wheelchair access to your home or garden is obstructed by several steps, the TSL 1000 offers a comprehensive and practical solution, especially when a ramp is not a feasible option.

The Melody 3 Vertical Platform Lift  provides safe and easy access where stairs or steps would otherwise prevent or limit access to the home or public and commercial buildings.

The lift provides a maximum travel of three metres and is available in two platform sizes.  It can be installed inside or outside of building.

The Melody 3 is an aesthetically pleasing solution due to the attractive design and lack of a mast or support tower.

Customers and specifiers can also choose to customise the lift to enhance or complement its location, with the option of special paint colours and finishes.  The carriage and upper level landing gate are painted, with polycarbonate infills.

User safety and comfort are at the heart of the design. The lift is equipped with sensitive safety surfaces which protect against entrapment below the platform.  It is also complete with battery back up for emergency lowering. The carriage and landing gate can be powered for even easier access and egress.

Terry Melody 3 Public Access Lift
Melody 3 Public Access Platform Lift